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MRF Glass Separator

Our new dynamic natural media Density Separation System is designed to recover glass and other dense particles from MRF residual waste stream for beneficial reuse and produce an added value product.
Utilising a rotating drum, separation is achieved through a combination of a natural/dense media and dynamic flow conditions. The process splits the raw feed into two separate product streams, namely:

  • A Heavy Fraction – comprising particles with a high particle density (i.e. glass, ceramic, stone, metal etc.) for further processing if necessary; and
  • A Light Fraction – comprising particles with a low particle density (i.e. plastic paper, wood, food debris, etc.).

Click here to watch our MRF Glass Separation & Recovery Plant Demonstration on YouTube.
Click here to watch our video on Glass Recovery from Dirty Stockpiled MRF Glass.
Click here to watch our video on Trommelled MRF Glass Recovery Plant Demo.

Processed Glass

Typlical Applications:

  • MRF Waste
  • Glass Stock Piles
  • Inline Processing

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  1. MRF Glass Plant

  2. Raw MRF Material

  3. Processed Glass

  4. Float Material

MRF Glass Separator (excl. Water Plant)
Seperation Method:
Density Separator
Dry Weight:
Power Requirements:
Water Treatment Plant:
Loading Method:
Operating Range:
1 to 4 tonnes/hour

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