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Gritbuster UNO

The Gritbuster UNO system is designed to accept wet gully waste and road sweeper waste, de-water it and treat the water for disposal to sewer or re-use.

It offers an effective alternative to wedge pits, sludge lagoons etc. and can also be used for primary waste de-watering at regional satellite depots so de-watered waste can be transported in bulk for centralised Gritbuster washing and recycling plant elsewhere.

Constructed on an ISO Frame container style platform, the Gritbuster UNO is be be eaily transported from one site to the next.


Typical Applications Include:

  • Gully Waste
  • Sweeper Waste
  • Tankered Wastes

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  1. Gritbuster Uno Schematic

  2. Gritbuster UNO Plant

  3. De-watered Solids

Gritbuster UNO (excl. ramp etc.)
Seperation Method:
Wet Trommel
5.1m (Assembled)
Dry Weight:
Power Requirements:
Dewatering Plant:
Loading Method:
Direct Tip
Operating Range:
10 to 20 tonnes/hr

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