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Gritbuster WT-250


The award winning Gritbuster System is a treatment system for the separation, washing, de-watering and recycling of Road Sweepings and Gully Waste to maximise the recyclable materials, minimise the amount of waste material sent to landfill and reduce the associated costs.

The Gritbuster Process comprises of:

  • Washing and mechanical separation of the coarse free draining sand & gravel;
  • Segregation of the oversize aggregate & Road Debris
  • Recovery of the Fine Organics and Sand;
  • Flocculation and gravity separation of the silts and clays;
  • Dewatering of the slurry using a filter press / Geotextiles;

Gritbuster WT-250

Other Applications

  • Sand & Soil Washing
  • Grit Recovery
  • Trommel Fines
  • Tankered Wastes

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  1. Gritbuster WT-250

  2. Entire Gritbuster Plant

Gritbuster WT-250
Seperation Method:
Washing Trommel
Dry Weight:
Power Requirements:
Dewatering Plant:
Loading Shovel
15 to 25 Tonnes/hr

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