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Road Waste Dewatering

Similar in nature and composition to Road Sweeper Waste, Gully Waste tends to have a much higher water content which requires draining off before either disposal of the material, transportation or further processing.

By dewatering the material prior to transportation signification savings can be made on transportation and disposal costs.

  • Waste Composition

    In general the bulk of this waste stream consists of:

    • Silt
    • Sand
    • Gravel
    • Leaves
    • Twigs
    • Other organic matter.
  • Our Solution

    Similar in nature to our Gritbuster Waste Recycling system but without it’s washing, materials segregation and water recycling system, the Gritbuster UNO System’s unique design features an integral reception hopper accessible by vehicle ramp, dewatering bucket wheel and spiral dewatering auger for primary granular solids dewatering.

    De-silting of the bleed water is catered for by a Siltbuster clarifier with an oil water separator downstream to remove free phase oil from the water.

    The system is ideal for clients who simply need to dewater their gully waste to discharge the bleed water to sewer and handle the solids separately.

    Click here to read more on our Gritbuster Uno.

  1. Raw Gully Waste

  2. Dewatered Gully Waste

  3. Gritbuster Uno

Case Studies

Case studies on our Road Waste Dewatering Solutions will be uploaded shortly.

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