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MRF Glass

Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) Glass is formed from the recycling of glass products and in its unprocessed form compromises of small shards of glass mixed with contaminants of paper labels, plastic caps and general dirt.

  • Why Separate MRF Glass ?

    In unprocessed form the mixed glass/domestic waste produced by a MRF is or little or no commercial value and be too contaminated to provide a viable feedstock for optical separation and hence recycling.

    Separating recoverable glass from other contaminants, such as paper and plastics, and washing it produces a visually cleaner glass product and hence an added value product for resale.

  • Typical Composition

    MRF glass typically is composed from

    • Small glass shards (circa XX%)
    • Paper form labels (circa XX%)
    • Plastic form caps (circa XX%)
    • Mud and Dirt (circa X%)
  • Our Solution

    Because both the glass and other contaminants have a similar particle size distribution it is not possible to recover the glass by screening or other physical separation techniques that rely on particle size separation. The efficiency of these processes tends to be poor, particularly if the material is damp causing paper, plastic and other low density materials to adhere to the glass.

    The Siltbuster MRF Glass Recovery system has been specifically designed to overcome such issues to produce a recyclable glass product using hydraulic density separation rather than particle size distribution.

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  1. Raw MRF Glass

  2. Processed Glass

  3. Siltbuster MRF Glass Plant

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