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Roadwaste Recycling

To date, the majority of Road Sweepings and Gully Waste has ended up in landfill, with little thought given to the recovery of a potentially valuable resource of recyclable materials but Local Authorities and commercial cleansing contractors are now looking for an alternative.

We can offer this with a complete Roadsweeper and Gully Waste Treatment and Recycling System to maximise the recovery of these materials, minimise waste and reduce associated costs.

  • Why Separate Roadwaste

    • Divert waste from Landfill
    • Reduce your Landfill Tax Liability
    • Reduce your Disposal Costs
    • Promote Recycling
    • Recover Recyclable Materials for re-use
    • Help Local Authority Recycling Targets
  • Sweepings Composition

    Mechanically collected roadwaste can vary in both content and consistency and depends on the vehicle design, cleansing method, location, weather, and the time of year.

    In general the bulk of this waste stream typically consists of recoverable/recyclable sand and gravel which can account for around to 60 to 75% of the waste with larger stones, fine solids, debris and litter, leaves, twigs and other organics making up the rest.

  • Our Solution

    Our Gritbuster System offers a compact materials washing and materials separation plant complete with aggregate, organics and fines separation, washwater de-silting and materials dewatering. The Plant can accept solids and water direct from road cleansing vehicles along with already dewatered road waste materials from stockpiles, dewatering bays etc..

    The system washes and segregates the sand and gravel particles from other contaminants so that they can be recovered and put to beneficial reuse as a recycled aggregate, for instance in low grade concrete production, bedding for pipes and paving stones and even for filling sand bags holding down roadworks signage.

    Debris and other materials are discharged separately and fine organics and fine sand are screened off before the washwater is treated, de-silted and the sludge dewatered. Treated water is recycled for washing.

    Click here to read more on our Gritbuster Plant.

  1. Raw Road Sweepings

  2. Recovered Sand

  3. Gritbuster Plant

Case Studies

Treatment / Recycling of Road Waste

Treatment / Recycling of Road Waste

Siltbuster Limited provides an innovative upgrade to ADMEC’s sweeper waste treatment operations, installing a Gritbuster treatment system at the company’s Birtley Depot in County Durham.

If you cannot find the solution you are looking for please give us a call on 01600 772256 to discuss your requirements. All our systems are modular and can often be tailored to suit your requirements or a bespoke solution provided.